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General Dental Care

What type of restoration should I have?

A restoration or filling is used to re-build the tooth structure after part of it is removed to eliminate decay. 

Over time fillings can deteriorate, leak or break and they need to be replaced with new restorations. 

There are a number of different filling materials available and we will discuss the options with you and recommend the restoration that is most suitable for your specific situation. 

The fee for a filling varies depending on the size of the restoration and the type of material used.  Generally, the cheaper materials have a limited lifespan and require replacement more often.  The stronger options such as ceramic should last many years if they are properly cared for.  For your information, we do not use amalgam filling material at Gerber Dental Group.

Read more or have a look at some of our before and after images for Francesca, Jennifer, Murray, Paul and Sam who have had decay removed, staining removed and old fillings replaced.

When do you need root canal therapy?

The nerve inside the tooth can die as a result of decay, infection or trauma. 

This can often be a painful experience that requires immediate attention, but in some cases nerve death can be a slow, chronic process with little or no symptoms. 

Root canal treatment involves removing the nerve from the tooth and cleaning out any infection or decay that is present. 

This procedure can either be done in one or two visits depending on the amount of infection present. 

After the nerve is removed, the tooth is supported with a post and ideally a crown is placed over the tooth to strengthen and support the weakened tooth structure.

Read more

What is a crown?

A crown (also known as a cap) is like a hat that goes over the entire tooth - across the top, down the sides and binds it all together, stopping future cracks and cusp breakages and  providing very good retention. 

They are very solid, good looking and durable restorations.

There are different types of crowns made from ceramic, ceramic and metal or all metal.  At Gerber Dental Group we generally recommend crowns for root treated teeth, to stabilise tooth structure that is heavily filled or broken, to replace very large fillings or for cosmetic options. 

Crowns are much stronger than composite resin filling material and they should last many years if they are properly looked after.  Have a look at Christian and Joy's before and after photos to see what we can achieve with ceramic crowns.

We guarantee our crowns.  Click here for more information.

Why do I need my tooth removed?

While our aim is to help you keep your teeth for life, sometimes it's just not possible or practical to save a tooth. 

Extensive decay, fractured teeth and mobility due to bone loss are just some of the reasons why teeth need to be extracted. 

Impacted or infected wisdom teeth are also commonly removed.  In most cases we will try to give you the options to save your tooth, but ultimately it is up to you which option you choose. 

Tooth extraction is done using local anaesthetic and most extractions can be done in the surgery with minimal post-operative down time. 

If you have medical complications such as bleeding or blood clotting disorders we may refer you to a specialist oral surgeon so the procedure can be done in a hospital setting.

Ideally you should replace the missing tooth-except if it is a wisdom tooth. 

We really need a full set of 28 teeth to ensure proper chewing function and the loss of teeth will impact on the way the teeth function, the position of the jaw joint and the cosmetic appearance of your smile. 

If you are only missing a couple of teeth, you can probably get away without too many problems, however several missing teeth will create long term issues. 

Replacing missing teeth can be done using either implants, bridges or partial dentures. 

Implants are generally the option that will most resemble your own natural tooth, however financial restrictions often dictate which option people choose. 

We will discuss each option with you so you can make the choice that best suits your needs.

Read more about replacing missing teeth. 

Have a look at some of the denture options with Jennifer, Mitch, Norm and Susan or the bridge options with Gary, Greg, Jenny, Judy, Ken, Maria and Wayne

If you are interested in implants, go to our Dental Implants page for information and before and after photos.

Is it going to hurt?

Most invasive dental treatment is done using local anaesthetic delivered using The Wand which numbs the tooth and the nerves so you don't feel pain during the procedure. 

At Gerber Dental Group we understand that the fear associated with dental treatment isn't just about the pain. 

The noises our instruments make can create just as much fear as tooth ache itself.  Click here to read more information about the things we have available to make your dental visit a more pleasant experience.

Please be aware that any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Servicing Burleigh Heads and Gold Coast, contact Gerber Dental Group to discuss your complete oral care program.

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